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IBM client training will be hosted at our DEC Computer Training Lab.  Nationwide Training Alliance has selected CBIL DEC lab as their St. Louis based training site.

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In 2000, U.S. businesses spent an estimated $51 billion to improve the skills of their personnel.



Metropolitan Education Center (MET) - Preparing Workers for the Real World

Let the Metropolitan and Education Center train you.Not too long ago Karen Reece, Metropolitan Education and Training (MET) Center’s manager, needed service for her cable TV. The technician met her husband at their home for the repairs. When Karen joined the pair towards the end of the service call she noted the technician’s professional, patient demeanor as she explained the work she had just completed.


As Reece walked up to the pair, the technician turned around and in a moment of recognition, broke out into a broad smile. “Mrs. Reece,” she said, her face aglow, “It’s me, Fatima!” Fatima is a graduate of the MET Center’s Telecommunication training program. “We don’t often get to see our success stories in action,” Reece said. “Here was one success story that personally involved me.”


Creating success stories for its clients, area employers, and the St. Louis community is what the MET Center is all about. MET helps create success stories by taking a holistic approach to developing marketable skills that lead to meaningful careers. First, it prepares workers for skilled positions based on projected workforce demand in targeted growth industries. Working with Industry Advisory Councils (IACs) the Center has targeted metal manufacturing, construction, telecommunication and information technology, transportation, and customer service/call center business clusters for its training efforts.


Second, it helps clients develop a professional attitude towards work by reinforcing the kinds of work habits, like punctuality, attendance, taking the initiative, and attention to detail, that employers look for in their employees. Third, the MET Center provides an essential follow up service by helping clients manage personal issues, like childcare and transportation, that impact job retention.


The MET Center is unique in terms of the dual approach it takes to solving the needs of the people and employers that it serves. The Center provides assessment services, job readiness and basic educational skills, and job specific training that will help the Center’s perspective employees be successful in their employment efforts. At the same time it focuses on the kinds of skills, knowledge, and abilities in the classes that it offers that will meet the job requirements of area employers. As a bonus, the classes are taught by training professionals whose knowledge and expertise provide a quality learning experience.


According to Karen Reece, “Training at MET is the bridge to a rewarding career path and higher education. Through short-term career and technical skills training for jobs in construction, computer, information technology, and manufacturing we can provide area employers with well-trained employees who will help them be successful and at the same time get clients on the fast track to a rewarding career.”


Companies interested in hiring skilled workers can contact Karen Reece at (314) 746-0810.


The MET Center was created and is sustained by a unique partnership of public and private institutions, including the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, the St. Louis Community College, Better Family Life, Inc., and East-West Gateway and its Regional Jobs Initiative. It is managed by the St. Louis Community College and linked to career ladders in its regional campuses.



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